Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Yesterday, Mommy and I each got a letter from some county office (I really do not care which one at this point) stating that we are not guilty of child neglect…gee, thanks for that nugget of condolence. It has been over four months since you died and we are now, finally NOT GUILTY. When were we guilty actually? Have we been guilty for the past four months? the past six? or even the past 14? Silly me, I thought we have always been innocent in this whole process.

Our legal system is supposed to work on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty." It seems that in the case of your death, we have been presumed guilty all along and only after a police interrogation, medical examiner autopsy and ruling, child protective services exoneration, and random county and/or state offices letters of "not guilty" are we finally found to be innocent of any wrong doing. The whole process irritates me to no end. You died on top of me, I feel guilty enough as it is without having some paper pushing government worker absolving me of your death. Screw them! Screw the whole process! Leave me and my family alone already…it has been over four months already…please, just go away.


  1. Steven,

    There is nothing more I can say but I'm sorry. It's unbelievable that you and your family had to go through such an ordeal on top of your family’s tragedy. I wish there was more I could do or say to help you but as you know there isn’t. Your family continues to be in my family’s thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting us get to know you and your sweet boy Colin. Take care.

    Ernesto, Christina, and our lil’ angel Zayana Grace

  2. This is Colin's Mommy and I just want to make a clarification. In the State of Maryland, there is a required investigation for any infant that dies in the home. Even though there was never any indication of wrong-doing from the beginning, there is a paperwork exercise that must happen. It is a horrible experience that just adds to the emotions we felt. However, because there are far too many children who are hurt in this world within their own homes, we did, logically, understand why the investigation took place. We just wish that all of those efforts were spent on truly suspect cases that might save a little one instead of just grasping for straws with legitimately grieving families.