Friday, July 1, 2011

Proud of My Boy

In picking names for you, Mommy and I did not realize that you would be the envy of all men...whew knew that you limitless potential would lead you to design footwear for Victoria's Secret supermodels. Way to go there my boy! Even Daddy is pretty jealous of that one. Your Mommy is pretty hot and all that, but to design footwear for super sexy women who's job it is to pose in very skimpy underwear...who knew you had it in you. It must have been the smile, they eyes, or just the new baby smell. Whatever is was, Daddy is amazed and proud of his little guy.

Colin, I just thought a little humor now and again would let you know that while Daddy and Mommy still hurt, there are still things that make us laugh and smile when we think of you. The laughs and smiles are not as loud or bright as they used to be, but they are still there. One thing has not changed though, the smiles that we share when we think of how special a little boy you were and are. The supermodel shoe thing is pretty impressive though. Way to go, son!

I love you

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