Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 more things to NOT say!


A few days ago, someone told me that I should be "over it" by now, so in honor of yet one more stupid thing people should just learn to keep to themselves, here is another top 10 list...with commentary of course.
  1. "Time heals all wounds" (This cliche sounds as bad as it reads. Time heals nothing…bandaids with neosporine heal wounds, just not big ones)
  2. "There must be a reason he died" (Thanks brainiac, I have the death certificate…it says SIDS)
  3. "You know, Colin is in a better place" (Mommy, Daddy, and Ava's arms…is there a better place? Nope!)
  4. "You should be happy he is with God" (And you should be happy that I am not sending you to join him)
  5. "God only takes the special ones" (Sucks to be you then, huh?)
  6. "God doesn’t give us more than we can handle" (When the very non-religious person who said this to me finished, I thought two things…(1) When have you ever talked to God?!?, and (2) YOU try handling this for even a split second, then shut your pie hole!)
  7. "You got to get back on the horse" (Either you just called my wife a horse or you watched too many westerns…either way, shhhhhhhhhh, the throbbing in your brain is just the pain of thinking…I know you aren't used to it…it will pass)
  8. "Colin wouldn't want you to be sad, angry, bitter, etc." (He wouldn't want me listening to your drivel either)
  9. "Do you still miss him that much?" (this deserves no more than the WTF?!? stare it got)
  10. "You should be over it by now" (Hello McFly, McFly! Do the world a favor and just super glue your lips together, thanks)
You know Colin, one thing God should have put into people is a "Stupid Sensor" that goes off every time something profoundly stupid wants to travel from the brain to the mouth...that or a way to catch words out of mid-air before they reach another person's ears. Oh well, MENSA parties won't be as big this year, and too bad, I have heard about their parties.

Love you,


  1. I really hate hearing those kinda things too. I just told people if they had something like that to say, just stop talking to me. I couldn't handle it anymore without wanting to choke the shit outta the next person that opened their mouth.

    I do, however, LOVE your responses to such things.

  2. Im so sorry you have had to deal with such idiots lately. Why do people find it so hard to THINK before they speak? Is this really what they would want to hear from us if they were in our shoes? I dont think so! I fortunatly have not had to deal with too many of these comments. Most people around me just seem to want to avoid it and not want to talk about it. I dont know which is worse, crazy comments or uncomfortable silence. Drives me crazy.

    The only one I have had said to me was #8, and that was by mother. But she appologizes once my sister told her how insensitive she was, and about 3 weeks of me not talking to her because I was so mad.

    Thank you putting a smile on my face with your list. I've been having a rough week with Z's Heaven day and birhtday anniversaries this last week. Take care my friend!


  3. Amazing!! I just got off the phone with a co-worker and heard two from the list, #3 and #7. They were litteraly word for word. I think get on the horse was a comment about having more babies. Something about giving my wife something else to think about. Really?! How would having another child stop us from thinking about our precious Z! Dont know what more I can say or do. (BTW: we are talking about others; wink, wink. Keeping it on the DL!)

  4. Just wait Ernesto, give it a month or so when people really think you need to move on with your life and "get over it." It is amazing that anyone who has or ever had children would even think of, let alone say, some of the stupid crap that they do.

  5. Thanks Nika, sarcasm tends to help as an anti-stupidity agent.