Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SIDS "Experts"


I swear that the list of "experts" when it come to SIDS keeps growing and growing. It amazes me how many people with no medical background, no experience with SIDS or the aftermath that follows, but believe "Googling" SIDS and buying into theories they read make them "experts".  This blog (ref) claims to be 100% correct in that SIDS can be prevented by a mattress wrap she sells on another site (ref) that is what I call credibility...promoting a product you are trying sell to parents by using fear and paranoia regarding SIDS.

I do not claim to be an expert on SIDS, and quite frankly I never really wanted to know as much as I do about the subject, but one thing your Daddy does know is that a mattress wrap can not prevent SIDS when the baby dies on his father's chest. I guess that debunks any theory about mattress covers preventing SIDS. Who knows, maybe toxic outgassing is an issue, but that would cause asphyxiation from a toxic substance...thus being a known cause. SIDS is still undefined and no mattress wrap is the solution, and to falsely promote any product claiming to prevent SIDS is just plain ignorant and wrong.

Sorry for yet another rant, but your Daddy does get his feathers ruffled when the so called "experts" chime in...especially when using a topic as horrifying as SIDS to promote a product or business. That is ignorant, wrong, and just shameful.

Here is a tremendous link (ref) regarding the pathogenesis of SIDS and guess what...mattress outgassing just can not be substantiated.

I love you!


  1. It seems like the growing number of experts should be able to produce much more knowledge...and REAL prevention...than what is out there now. I've seen it happen a lot with SIDS and other things baby loss related. It disgusts me.

    Sending hugs and prayers.

  2. It disgusts me, too. I was wanting to leave a really nasty reply on that blog but she (smartly) has turned off her comments section.

  3. More support for debunking this theory

  4. I KNOW myself as a SIDS mom that the toxic gas theory is crap!!!! What I find funny is while partaking in an online debate with people who SWEAR by it< I was lead to your blog by Google....none of the links debunking this crap are working anymore...go figure!!! I am the angel mom of Nick 9/24/07~11/13/07. I understand the unanswered questions, the horrors and the what ifs...I wish youo well on your journey.