Friday, November 18, 2011

SIDS is now racist?


I read an article today stating that SIDS is now a racial issue since statistics show that black infants die from SIDS at a higher percentage than white infants. That may well be statistically true, but how in the world can someone take the leap of calling it a racial issue? What does the color of ones skin have anything to do with the unexplainable death of an infant? The answer, plain and simple, is...nothing! Hear Daddy out for a moment...I am white, in good heath, do not smoke, eat well, etc., and all this applies to Mommy as well. We also have good jobs and educations so, statistically you should still be alive...right? However, you died anyway proving these (and all statistics) can be manipulated to say anything people want them to say when in reality these same people should just say nothing and stop piling on to the misery of living in the aftermath of having a child...die. All their misinformation and data manipulation does is contribute to more infants dying because parents get, and often believe, the wrong messages.

Much love, little guy!

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of similar articles recently, and I've started to wonder if the people that write them have ever actually lost a baby.

    I appreciate the efforts of anyone that tries to give more voice to issues related to infant care and death and such, but it angers me beyond belief to see people using it for their own agendas and pushing "facts" and twisted statistics on everyone. I care about the fact that so many babies die every year....but I don't give a damn what color those babies are. It's a tragedy, regardless of color or education or income or whatever other demographic/statistic they want to throw out there. They should be focusing on improving care and prevention for ALL babies, with no regard whatsoever to any of that.