Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sharing Some Good


Today was not anything special as far as holidays or anniversaries or anything else we tend to mark on a calendar, but it was special in its own way. First, Ava and Daddy spent day two at home due to a fever that just wants to hang on enough to keep her out of school. Second, an organ donor place that asked for some heart tissue after you had died (your heart tissue was not viable for donation) sent a nice letter on how to handle the holidays. Third, and last, the Center for Infant and Child Loss sent Daddy an email with a preview of their next newsletter. It is the one where they use a post from your blog. The letter then the email came within an hour of each other and made Daddy cry thinking that if you were still alive, Daddy would have no idea that these organizations even existed, but they do, and they are now a part of our lives. Hopefully, having a little story about you in a newsletter will help in some small way, and hopefully the exposure of putting Daddy's heart and soul out there will help others...for lack of a better term right now...share some good. Daddy often struggles to find ways to keep "sharing some good", but with the help of others willing to assist, he is determined to keep trying...for himself, but mainly to honor you.

I love you!

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