Friday, November 25, 2011

A Warm Friday in November


Today was a beautiful day, especially for November in the greater DC area. It started off kind of cold but Ava and Daddy went to the Starbuck's in the grocery store which is about 500 yards from the Starbuck's in the shopping center that houses the grocery store (one day Daddy will explain how this is the downfall of western civilization). We went to get Mommy her coffee, Daddy his soda, and Ava's chocolate milk. We also picked up mini-muffins per your Big Sister's request. Next, Ava had a play date with a friend while Daddy went to the church to install the new hymnal holders a group of us had been working on for some time. The installation went well and quite quickly. After that was lunch, some slow cleaning, general house stuff and raking insane amounts of leaves. Now it is a bit after 5:00 p.m. and we are all going to share Thanksgiving leftovers with some dear friends. So, as you can see, we took advantage of a beautiful day and are going to keep doing so well into the evening. Daddy just thought you would like an update on the daily happenings down here where some of us still have to rake leaves. Next time, can you toot in a different direction and send them into a neighbor's yard...please?

I love you!

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