Friday, December 9, 2011



Who knew that all we needed were some pajamas from AT&T to save your life? Seriously, the communications company that came in last place in customer satisfaction ratings for two years running is now partnering with a company named Exmovere in making SIDS preventing pajamas. I wonder how well that will work. Will the pajamas drop signals from room to room? Will the take forever to connect to the wireless network only to never actually place the call? Will these amazing pajamas do anything other than give a false sense of security for something that is still not predictable or preventable? My guess is that these pajamas will do nothing but cost paranoid parents a lot of money, and add unneeded stress due to the fact that they will constantly be checking the monitor instead of getting their much needed rest as well. So, thanks AT&T for adding yet another SIDS  product that claims to help prevent that which is not preventable. Maybe Verizon will get on board too and add a SIDS prevention fee to my already bloated wireless bill.

Note: Ummm, FDA...if you are out their, aren't you supposed to police this kind of crap? You did issue something a while slapping companies on the wrist for doing what AT&T and Exmovere are doing right now.

Oh well Colin, yet another misguided attempt to feed the SIDS monster goes in the books. You really can't blame AT&T...after all, they do have over 100 million subscribers to fleece in any way they can.

Note #2: Exmobaby? Is that the best name your marketing folks could come up with? Seriously, it sounds like a cross between X-men and Elmo? I would personally suggest going with an unpronounceable symbol kind of like Prince did. At least you would be cool or something.

I love and miss you!


  1. Exmobaby? Seriously? What kinda name is that?!

    I googled this thing, and I can't believe this is for real. The press release sounds like you're basically turning your baby into a wireless router so that you can "feel better".

  2. Considering the service we get with AT&T to begin with, what makes them think we would trust them with our infants. I'd get really angry if I had somewhere constructive to direct it to.

  3. They have some strangely sharp(misguided)attention. ~Mary