Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Just had to See the Chiropractor


It seems that all we needed to do was make a visit or two to the chiropractor and you would still be alive...or was it to the neurologist, or the endocrinologist, or the cardiologist, or the witch doctor in Takoma Park who would sacrifice a live chicken on our porch? Well, according to these guys a simple adjustment to C1 vertebrae would have taken care of everything. Now Daddy feels really stupid and cheap. Hell, insurance would have even covered that...probably not the live chicken though.
Prevention of SIDS
SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is the leading cause of death among infants one month to one year old. SIDS claims the lives of about 2,500 infants each year in the United States alone. One of the leading causes of SIDS is an inverted atlas into the foramen magnum, usually caused during the birthing process. The very first vertebrae is called the atlas or C1 - its function is to allow the head to rotate from side to side and is located at the start of the spinal cord. The foramen magnum, or the base of the skull, is what houses the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord. When forceps, vacuums, or other traumatic forces are used to extract a child at birth, the infant can develop severe and painful subluxations. If left untreated, this could lead to behavioral problems, developmental issues, and even SIDS. Chiropractic care in infants is beneficial for health, wellness, development, and life.
Daddy is sure that chiropractic care has its uses, but the silver bullet that will prevent SIDS? However, for a group promoting its business by selling the benefits of such care to imply that a simple adjustment to the C1 vertebrae because the baby was birthed by traumatic forces is simply irresponsible...yet again. Daddy watched both you and Ava being born and, trust me, any birth is subject to traumatic forces. As my Aunt so eloquently stated to her ex-husband..."try shoving a football up your ass sideways the shitting it out!" (Daddy thinks that should cover any an and traumatic forces discussions). Anyway, as with so many other SIDS theories, when those promoting theirs have a financial interest, they are nothing more than modern day snake oil being sold to parents with the slimiest of methods...fear and paranoia.

Oh well, another research moment somewhat wasted on trying to understand more about the root caused behind SIDS. At least Daddy now knows another one to put on the list of what not to pay attention to any longer.

I love you, misaligned spine and all...now sit up straight and eat all your vegetables. ;)



  1. Toby went to the chiropractor. Jerks.

  2. Did they actually have any kind of proof for their claims?

  3. I looked at several sites and it is all speculative evidence at best. There is no medical or scientific basis to their claims.

  4. There is evidence to support that it helps with colic and acid reflux, at best, but that's it. They got a nice little e-mail from me.

  5. There is a slight study that was conducted on this issue and you can see some of the findings at http://www.powerschiropractic.info/blog/chiropractic-and-sids-.html (You've probably already seen this.) The fact that the numbers were so low (17 cases of infant death and only 11 were SIDS) doesn't make me very excited.