Thursday, January 19, 2012



Daddy has been thinking an awful lot about God and faith lately, and to be quite honest, your Daddy is having a very difficult time with the whole concept of God. God is supposed to be all loving and merciful, or that is what Daddy has been told his entire life. God is also supposed to be all knowing and all powerful…another set of beliefs that are called into question now, and boy does your Daddy have some questions for God. However, the only thing that is even keeping the faith that God even exists is that this all loving, merciful, all knowing, and all powerful being better exist to explain to me why you are dead. Where was his mercy and love on that one? and if he knew this was going to happen and didn't drop a hint or bother to use his power to stop it…why?

Throughout human history people have prayed to so many different gods that believing in one "true God" is difficult enough as is because if they were all wrong, how do we know that we are correct? That seems like a pretty arrogant stance in your Daddy's opinion. In 2,000 years, will some other civilization look back at us and think that Christians were nothing more than another pagan sect that consolidated all their gods into one, thus making this god even more powerful? As you can see, Daddy's faith in one "true God" is on shaky ground, but Daddy is holding onto those last threads of faith just in case Christianity is proven correct and Daddy gets his face time with God.

Is it arrogant to think that Daddy deserves an explanation and a chance to question God's plan to the man himself…right to his face? You are damn right it is, and Daddy is going to stand toe-to-toe and let him have it because if this was part of his plan, his plan sucks and he can take his love, mercy, knowledge, and power and stick it. Then he can take all of Daddy's hurt, anger, fear, frustration, and pain and stick that somewhere as well. By then Daddy should be ready to unload it all anyway.

I love you!

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