Friday, January 13, 2012

Port Discovery


Daddy took the day off today to go with Ava to Port Discovery. It was her field trip day, and it was tons of fun. Daddy, Miss Gina, and Mr. Andrew were in charge of the pink and green girls club. Ava and Jenna were in green shirts and Victoria and Beatrix were in pink. This was very important in making any decision. The pink team got to go first, but the green team got to go second and third. Then the pink time got forth and fifth, and so on, and so on. Girl negotiations can be tricky, so we parents had to plan wisely. Other parents had the all boys clubs, and Daddy was glad to not have any parts of those. Their were just too many things that Daddy saw and wished to share with you that made it difficult to watch the boys, so being part of the pink and green was just fine with him. But today was not about Daddy or you, it was about a four year old little girl who had an amazing time and still somehow managed to bring Daddy to tears when she said, and I quote..."Baby Brother would love Port Discovery. I hope they have one of these in heaven." Daddy hopes so too.

I love you very much!

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