Monday, January 23, 2012

What is $25,000 Really?


All Daddy has to say this morning is "Wow!" Today's research has proven as futile as most in finding clues as to the nature or possible causes of SIDS, but he did find this. Just when your Daddy thought he had seen and heard the lowest of the low, here comes this one...
Elizabeth Lower is accused of embezzling about $25,000 from Empty Cradle, a Temecula-based nonprofit that helps families deal with a miscarriage, stillbirth or the loss of an infant.
If this is true, it really is about as low as you can get. Stealing money from anyone is wrong, but stealing money from a charitable cause in which people donate their, often, hard earned income to support bereaved parents is disgusting on many levels. This woman, however, has (allegedly) taken it to a whole new level of sickness. If her story is true, she has stolen from the very people trying to help her, which just makes her story seem completely fabricated, and fabrications like that make it even more difficult to raise the much needed money to find the answers your Daddy (and all other SIDS parents) desperately seeks. So, thanks to you Ms. Lower for making it tougher for all SIDS parents...hope the $25,000 was worth it.

Maybe tomorrow's search will yield far more positive results.

Much love!

p.s. Here is a link for anyone willing to help this organization restore their funds.

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