Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Going Around?


Today's post is titled What's Going Around? because in Daddy's daily research, he came across this little gem of an article that just perpetuates complete and utter ignorance when dealing with the subject of SIDS. All you have to do is read one line to deduce that this reporter and her station are plain stupid!
With SIDS the babies head gets in a position where they can't move. SIDS is caused by suffocation.
The title, What's Going Around: Colds, Bronchitis, SIDS was insulting enough since it implies that you can catch SIDS like you could the common cold and thus treat SIDS as you would any other contagious illness or disease...so much for journalistic integrity and actual fact finding. Since this station collectively decided that this bit of mindless ignorance was not enough, they decided that they now know the cause of SIDS. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! My days of researching anything and everything about SIDS are now over! Oh. Wait. They are not over after all.

According to the twits at KHAS-TV (now you know why they call it TWITter), SIDS is caused by suffocation. First SIDS is contagious...now it is caused by suffocation?!? Come on folks, please at least stick to one train of thought here. Now you have me all confused. Is suffocation contagious? or is SIDS contagious? or can I now draw the conclusion that the common cold is a possible cause of SIDS as well? or maybe it was a fart from a ring tailed lemur that killed you?

As you can see Colin, you can link anything to SIDS if you try hard enough. All you need anymore is a monkey with a megaphone...or in this case, a jackass with a computer. Way to go KHAS-TV...you have just won a Darwin Award. Please accept it and then be kind enough to facilitate your own extinction.

Thanks for listening Colin.

I love you very much!


  1. "you have just won a Darwin Award. Please accept it and then be kind enough to facilitate your own extinction."

    Even though I know these people piss you off beyond belief, your rants do actually make me smile.

  2. Well, after our comments they removed the story. Educating others, one jackass at a time...

  3. One person listening is one more than yesterday