Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Letting Them Have It!


Today has been another hectic day at work with trying to get a million things done and heard a bunch of cats at the same time, all while maintaining a bit of sanity. Some days, that juggling act is easier than others. Today was not one of those days. Daddy's focus has been completely out of whack wondering about so many things that it is difficult enough to remember his phone, badge, Ava's lunch, winter clothes, "friends", grocery lists, etc., without having to manage the schedule of 30 other people who have no idea what a deadline means. They seem to forget that dead is pretty final and that deadline means the final line. Well, they crossed that "final" line again today and your Daddy, uncharacteristically, let them have it. Funny thing is, when treated like bad children, they responded by sending enough work to keep Daddy busy for a week. Maybe your Dad need to raise the volume and temperature around here more often. It got results and felt good to let out all of the stresses of life, and once Daddy got going, that focus came back a bit and that felt something akin to normal again. Daddy just wanted to share some of the things you would have heard at home after a day at work since I would have told you while holding you or feeding you anyway. You would still be young enough to just listen, smile, burp, and probably poop on Daddy, and that would have all made any stress fade away.

I love you!

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