Saturday, March 17, 2012



With much fear and trepidation, many families Daddy has come to know are all having babies again. Since they all announced their new family additions, Daddy wants to congratulate them for being strong enough, brave enough, willing enough, and just crazy enough to try again. To Abby and Ted, Nika and Bryan, Ernesto and Chris, and Bryan and Vanessa...Congratulations to you all! Our family looks forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures of the newest additions to your families. We have all bonded in our own ways to whatever level we have felt comfortable. You have all been there for my family and shared heart felt sentiments about some of the most wonderful and horrible things any family could ever experience. Thank you for it all.

As you all know, Ellen and I are expecting a new addition of our own in early September. We would love to hear all your stories and share ours with you. If you want to do this on a more personal level, please feel free to email me. My email is I look forward to hearing from you there or through your blogs. Either way, I am just excited and amazed that I get to share (even in the smallest way) the joys each of you are experiencing. I never expected to know any of you but value all of you. Thank for being the best people I never wanted to meet. Much love from the Stuart family, and again...Congratulations!!!

As always, and forever...I love you and miss you my son!

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  1. I've just begun following your blog. I'm so sorry for your loss. Colin is beautiful, I wish that you would have been able to see him grow.

    This is such a sweet post- congratulations on your new arrival. Good luck!