Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daddy, Daughter Night


Daddy and Ava had another date night since Mommy was doing a Mommy event. We did our typical routine of the New Deal Cafe, then a movie that lasts about 30 minutes later than normal so that the extra time is special. Ava even says that Mommy would not approve. Daddy reassures her that it is OK on our date to stay up a bit later. During the movie, we share ice cream and snuggles, and random silliness. It was a typical Daddy, Daughter night until Ava said that Baby Brother would never get to go to Chef Karim's. That broke Daddy's heart for so many reasons...the least of which was that she was right.

As much as Daddy, Daughter night means, the lack of Daddy, Son night hurts that much more. Boys night would have been different, but it still would have been uniquely ours. Daddy is sorry that boys night consists of lamenting the could have beens on a least it is still uniquely our time even if it sucks to 'connect this way. Daddy is sorry for this.

I love you,

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