Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Great Big Universe


Daddy is watching a geeky science show about space stuff. I know it is quite boring to most, but since this is what Daddy now does for a living, helping put things into space and the reasons behind doing so are quite fascinating. One of the fascinating things is the continual search for the origins of life. Daddy knows that this is a continual search that has been around since mankind and will be around long after our species dies out. Will we find life out there one day...probably. The bigger question is what will we do when we do find life on another planet? Will we embrace it or destroy it out of fear that makes us destroy most of what we do not know or understand? Hopefully we will embrace and try to truly understand what we find. It is a great big universe out there and to think we are the be all and end all of existence is simply too arrogant and narrow-minded to be true, and from a religious point of view, if whatever god in charge of things made mankind the top of the food chain, that is the best punch line to  joke ever. Either way, Daddy hopes that life, or at least the origins of it, are found in his lifetime because it gives hope that there is something greater than our simple little existence. We are simple creatures on a simple floating rock. You are out there somewhere, hopefully already finding the answers we down here seek. Daddy knows that he may be grasping at straws, but he really does not care. Everyone has an opinion of life beyond us, and beyond Earth, and Daddy is no different except that he hopes the matter and energy that was Colin Stuart is now 'alive' out there somewhere in this great big universe looking down on Daddy, Mommy, Ava, and the new baby to come and making sure we are all safe and sound.

I love you!

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