Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yet Another Product


Yet another product seems to be able to prevent the unpreventable. The 'miracle' blanket is now the latest SIDS savior to come our way...woo-flippin-hoo. These students call themselves Team Miracle Workers. You know what Daddy says...please work your miracle somewhere else, or at least recognize that you are doing the same thing everyone else is doing, solving issues associated with suffocation, asphyxiation, and hypoxia (and other associated causes of death). There are no sensors or alarms that will prevent least as it is understood now, so market this product just like the rest that make the same paranoid parents who need to spend money to compensate for common sense. SIDS is SIDS and will still do what it does no matter what...everything else can possibly be monitored and prevented with beeps, aps, alarms, and parental crutches, so let this product wind up on the same shelf as the sleep products, not SIDS prevention ones.

Missing you little man. I love you!

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  1. You're absolutely right. There is nothing that can prevent it. We think about you and your family often. Your blog has helped us. It is nice to see a male perspective posted. We lost our little son at 9 1/2 months old on July 24, 2011. We found out the hard way that SIDS doesn't just take the young babies, it can take older ones too. Babies are exposed to the risk of SIDS until they are 12 months of age. I wish the researchers and health companies would spend more money on trying to figure out if the seritonin imbalance is really part of the cause of SIDS. All of the health professionals try to tell us SIDS has decreased in how much it occurs, but it hasn't. I think the stats are the same that they were years ago, it's just that the coroners are now having to call the infant deaths what they actually are. I think they were quick to label everything as SIDS years ago when alot of the deaths were actually suffocation, etc.

    Let me know how your petition project is going. I am working on a similar project in my country. It would be nice to keep track of how things are progressing for you with it and the response you're getting.