Monday, March 18, 2013

"Suspicious" Infant Death Syndrome – Who Knew?

I was hoping that one day people would stop spreading their ignorance and insensitivity to parents who, through nothing even close to "vaguely criminal" activity, now have a dead child, but yet another wonderful sub-human has decided to place a shroud of criminality over parents who have suffered such a tragic and unexplainably painful loss. Thank you Mr. Fisher for your incite and uncommon decency.
By describing the suddenness of the death instead of the place where it occurred, the term Sudden Infant Death Syndrome carries an implication of violence and foul play. While breaking new ground rhetorically, the introduction of the letters SIDS into the vocabulary of forensic pathology and criminal investigation added nothing but confusion. The time would come when SIDS, in essence, meant suspicious infant death syndrome, a designation that sounds more than vaguely criminal.
Maybe one day people like Mr. Fisher will step back and think about it from the perspective of all the parents who have no answers, a diagnosis of exclusion, and a dead child as the only pieces of "evidence" as to how that child is now dead.  And, just maybe, they will keep their suspicious fucking mouths shut.

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