Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Things


More and more your Daddy is beginning to really appreciate the little things in life.  There are obvious things like your big sister's smile or how she still looks so little and sweet when she is asleep. There are also not so obvious things like seeing patterns in tree bark, noticing a deer peaking his head out of the woods to see if it is ok to cross the road (I saw that yesterday on my way home from work), and just "catching" more of life's details than ever before. Finally, there are the simple little gestures of human kindness that make tears well up in Daddy's eyes.

Today, a friend and co-worker of Daddy stopped me in the parking lot as I was walking from one building to the next. We hadn't seen each other in about a week and usually just joke or says something sarcastic to one another like guys tend to do. Well, today, my friend, Mike Parker stopped me and said "how are you?" to which I answered the obligatory "ok." Then Mike looked at me and said again "how are you?" with a tone in his voice that let me know he really wanted to, I told him. I talked for just a few minutes and Mike barely said a word in return. It was nice to have someone just care enough to listen and really want to make sure your Daddy is doing ok. His simple gesture made a huge impact.

So, I guess some little things really turn out to be big things after all. Daddy is glad that Mike stopped him today just to "check in" and listen. Thank you Mike!

Behave yourself up there in heaven.


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