Wednesday, July 20, 2011



If time can tell us anything, it is that time never stops moving, never stops counting, and never stops to give any of us a chance to get off this ride and get back on when we are ready. Below I put out the numbers that bring us from the day of your birth, past the day of your death all the way to today.

Alive: 59 days = 1,416 hours = 84,960 minutes = 5,097,600 seconds

Dead: 140 days = 3,360 hours = 201,600 minutes = 12,096,000 seconds

Somehow these numbers that time gives us seem unfair. The first line of numbers from when you were alive will never change, meaning you have done something no one alive can stopped time. The second line of numbers is one that will only stop growing when those who grieve for you are also dead. Until then, Daddy will keep counting, keep going forward, and keep thinking of you every second of every day. 12 million thoughts of you in such a small number that it seems like an injustice to your memory. Even 50 years from now when Daddy has logged another 1.6 billion thoughts, I will always feel that I owed you at least one more.


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