Monday, August 22, 2011

The Power of Invisibility


Here is your first lesson in what it is like to be Superdaddy. Why do I refer to myself as "Superdaddy"? Well, that is a very easy one to is because people have learned to see right through me, so I must be super to have this power of invisibility. Do I really disappear from plain sight? Not really. Do I disappear from plain consideration and understanding? You bet I do. Normally, this question does not bother me, but I have heard it a few times in recents days, mostly from colleagues standing right in front of my face..."How is your wife doing?" or "How is Ellen holding up?" I am happy to answer the best that I can, but not even a hello or a "How are you doing?" before launching into how Mommy is doing makes me feel invisible...especially when the person is three feet in front of me! You are my child too! Of course I care about how Mommy is feeling, doing, coping. When I think she is having a bad day or needs to talk, I try to ask and listen. I am also appreciative that others care about her well being, but when I become invisible, it hurts. Of course I smile and answer politely, that is just what I do. However, for anyone who reads this, please remember that I am far from "Superdaddy," (hopefully, just approaching being a super Daddy) and I am not invisible. Thanks for listening to Daddy's little rant.

I love you,

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  1. I hate how people do that. I appreciate the concern people have for me, but I'd like them to remember that my babies had TWO parents. Their dad suffers just as much, even if he doesn't vocalize it.