Friday, August 5, 2011

Running 10K for Colin

Friends and Family,

A dear friend of ours is running, on Colin's behalf, to raise money to help prevent SIDS deaths in Scotland. If you feel so inclined to help someone raise money, please click here and make a donation.

10 K for Colin

Lynsae, Richard, and Orla are dear to us, as is Scotland, so if your are so inclined please support Lynsae's efforts, and thank you for any donations you may make to help other families never have to suffer the same tragedy ours has.

A very special and heartfelt THANK YOU! to Lynsae for doing this for our family, and especially for Colin!

Steven (a.k.a. Colin's Daddy)


  1. Hi Steven, funny that a reminder of your blog should appear on my FB page today. I have 3 friends who are, sadly, in your club. They each lost their children for various reasons. It is a strangely wonderful thing that these moms welcome us all to remember their sweet babies with each passing anniversary- whether it's the day they were born or the day they died. Today was the 6th anniversary of one loss and it was not allowed to pass unnoticed.
    It is sweet to read your blog- your honesty with regards to your thoughts and feelings. Your desire to connect with and offer support to others. Your fierce intent to be the best dad, husband and person.
    I wish you peace and endurance as you live in the "after death". Bonnie Wess

  2. I made a donation this morning. So awesome of your friends to do something like this.

  3. Thank you Nika. We are very touched by your generosity and caring!

    Steven, Ellen, Ava, and Colin