Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking Turns


Since I am guessing that most people who read your blog do not know that I have two pictures hooked to the clasp that holds my work badge. One picture is of your big sister, and the other is of you. When Daddy hooked them to his badge, I put Ava face out and you face in. I did it so that I would have you with me but not have to stare at a picture that still brought lots of tears to my eyes.

Today Ava asked to use my badge to get into her school. She has done this for the past couple of months now. I never really thought much about how the pictures were arranged (They are back to back in the same laminate casing), you are both with me and that is all that mattered. Well, I thought that was all that mattered, but Ava said something very wise for such a young child that caught me a bit off guard. She said "Daddy, can you help me find baby brother's picture? He hasn't had a turn." You know what, she was right, you have not had a turn. So, I helped her find your picture and place it on the security device that unlocks the doors. She smiled and said "Thanks Daddy, now baby brother can come to my school with me too." I smiled about as wide a smile as I could muster, gave her a hug and a kiss, then told her that baby brother is always with her, especially when Daddy has to go to work and she needs someone looking out for her at school. Then she did what all the kids do, she ran off to play with her friends. I walked out to my car, drove to my office, etc. Finally, I sat down to write this, but before I did, I flipped the pictures around so you can have a turn too.

Much love little guy!


  1. Isn't it refreshing how honest kids can be! We have had similar instances where having conversations with children about Z have been easier than adults. Kids are so innocent that they just dont have those "filters" everyone else uses. It is nice to have that kind of honesty once in a while. You can tell Ava loves her little brother lots! From our family to yours, have a great weekend Steven!

    Ernesto, Chris, & Zayana.