Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost Died from SIDS


Some things never change, and that is the ignorance and downright stupidity of much of the human race. I had someone actually tell me that their child almost died from SIDS 27 years ago as this now grown woman who almost died was standing not six feet away. By definition, SIDS is "Sudden Infant DEATH Syndrome." The operative word here is "death." Funny thing was that this person made Daddy laugh far more than made him angry. I guess the absurdity of the statement just hit the funny bone instead of the anger button, but still...almost died from SIDS. Please folks, think before you speak...and if thinking hurts too much, just remain silent and thought of as a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt. This has been another public service message brought to you by the Council of Did They Really Just Say That Out Loud?!?

I love you!


  1. It never ceases to amazing me at what people say! I understand that they are trying to comprehend or put into context or relate but it DOES NOT HELP! Almost died of SIDS..... PLEASE!! Im glad to hear that your humor is helping you cope.

    We should look into actually creating the "Council of Did They Really Just Say That Out Loud" and put out PSA's!

    Take care Steven,


  2. I'm thinking about writing a book about all of the stupid things that people say when you lose a child. Sometimes, I think it's almost as hard to survive other people as it is to survive the death itself. (Except in the cases where the thing they are saying is so outrageous that you can't help but laugh. One girl told me that "this kind of thing" happens in her family "all the time" and that it was something that I would "just have to overlook.")