Friday, September 23, 2011

One of those Days


For whatever reason, this month has been crazy with the amount of rainy, dreary days that just drag your Daddy down. Maybe it is the feeling of being cooped up inside and not feeling the warm sun on my face or watching your Big Sister play in the back yard or local park, but these days really suck. Thankfully, it is Friday and the weekend has many distractions in store to help ease the darkness that has set in over the last few days, but a little break in the weather would be extremely welcome...especially on Sunday. It would be nice to be able to celebrate your Big Sister's birthday outside with friends and family and the multitude of kids who surely will have a great time turning the inside of the house into their own natural disaster if all of us are forced to be indoors for the duration of the party. If the weather does not cooperate, Ava will still have a great time, and Mommy and Daddy will enjoy her smile and excitement as she tears apart the wrapping paper to open her gifts, but it would be nice to be outside where I feel much closer to you and better enjoy both my children on Ava's special day.

Love you little man!

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  1. We had sun here yesterday. I work late night shifts, so I very rarely get to be up enjoying the sunshine. I was driving back from the fabric store, wishing I had made Bryan drive so that I could take pictures of those amazing clouds just barely stretched across the blue sky. A little dragonfly buzzed past my front windshield, and for whatever reason, I instantly thought of you and little Colin. I smiled, but on the inside my heart swelled with pain because I know how much you miss your son.

    Praying for you, and for sunshine at Ava's party.