Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trying My Best


The past few days at work have been pretty unproductive to say the least. My focus sucks, my desire to even look at my workload, let alone do any of it is almost nonexistent. I try to give it my best, but this is not my best by a long short, or maybe it is. In thinking about it, "my best" is very subjective. Some days my best efforts go to making sure I brush my teeth and use deodorant before I leave the house. Other days, my best can include building decks, playing with Ava, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, spending quality time with Ellen, and actually carving out positive time for me to exercise or just enjoy 30 quiet minutes. I just wish I knew which day I was going to get. It would make life so much easier to know that my effort was going to suck on any give day. I could put up a chart or calendar for everyone to see what they can expect from me, and what I can expect from myself that given day. But since that will not work, I guess "my best" will just have to be that. I just does not mean that my best is any good some days, but I do try.

I love you!

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  1. We all have those days. I hope today is a better one.