Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Project


One of the things that has happened since your death was the bringing of us closer together with the community. We were starting to get there on our own as we got to know our neighbors on a deeper level, but your death really accelerated the process of neighbors becoming friends. One neighbor in particular referred to you ass the neighborhood baby since every one else was through having more children. He was were the neighborhood baby that brought together the entire neighborhood, and in that spirit, many of our neighbors, now friends, helped Daddy out with his summer project. I am posting a picture because I told a few new friends that when it was complete that I would. Well, it has been complete for a little while and I have been remiss in posting, so here it is...Daddy's deck...with help from Mr. Pat, Mr. Philip, Mr. Joe, Mr. Rick, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Nathan, Mommy, Ava, and of course some inspiration from you!

I love you!

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