Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weird but Over


We wound up going to mass after all last night. It was a bit weird to be there in front of everyone, knowing that your name was going to be read aloud...knowing that everyone knew your name was going to be read aloud. It was like Daddy could feel every eye in the church staring at him. It was one of those surreal "SIDS Dad" moments where you feel as if everyone looks at you differently. You feel the spotlight of infamy shining so bright that your palms sweat, you get nervous, and you try not to look, but you have to peek over your shoulder to see what everyone else is doing. I wish Daddy could explain a bit more clearly and coherently, but you would have to wear these shoes for a while to truly understand. Oh well, weird or not, we all made it through and are here to figure out what to do with yet another day. Thankfully last night will be the only night that Daddy (Mommy and Ava too) will have to stand there waiting to hear the name Colin Stuart uttered with all the other people who died this year.

I love you!

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