Monday, November 28, 2011



Funny thing about lists, especially when you are trying to remember everyone in a meaningful way, is that they are never complete. So, in my giving thanks list, Daddy forgot to mention many other people who have been important in so many ways. So, here goes part two...Daddy is thankful for...
  1. Uncle Sean - he is Ava's Godfather for a reason...he is always there for all of us through thick and thin and, while not a blood relative, is, and has very much earned the title of "Uncle" because he is very much family.
  2. Andy - he is a dear friend of Daddy and has been for some time. He talks to Daddy and lets Daddy talk in ways that are more open and free in many ways than anyone else, and he loves hockey as much as Daddy does, which is a good outlet for us both.
  3. Ernesto and Chris - Daddy only met them through your death, but even being 3,000 miles away, they have been a source of strength and comfort that your Daddy cherishes.
  4. Kelly - he inspired me to start this blog and continues to be one of the best friends I never wish I had met. Don't worry, he know what that means.
  5. Cousin Bernie - he came to the hospital when no one else could be reached. He never asked, never questioned anything, and just was there for Mommy and Daddy. Daddy will never be able to repay him for that and knows he never is expected to.
So, while it still may not be complete, Daddy thinks it is better.

I love you!

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