Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Neighbors


Our neighbors, Roger and Ellen, are on their way to Oregon. They are moving to a beautiful retirement community on the coast and, while happy for them, we are sad to see them go. They have been great neighbors and friends.

One thing that comes with neighbors moving out is the opportunity to meet the new neighbors who will be moving in. They are a family with twin girls around the age of 10. We have not met them yet so who knows what to expect. Hopefully they will develop into good neighbors and friends some day. Maybe some changes will be good for us. Maybe the girls will be good friends to play with Ava...even if they are a bit older. Who knows, but with every change comes an opportunity to move forward, and while it is very tough to do so (as Daddy's posts yesterday indicate), forward is the way life keeps going.

So, when we meet the new neighbors, we will welcome them with open minds, hearts, and arms and then just see where forward takes us.

Love you!

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