Thursday, December 1, 2011



Daddy may shut down this blog, or at least restrict access. Some out there have opinions as to what should be out there and what should not. Some want to edit and/or add to Daddy's lists while others just decide that Daddy is too open about things in regards to you. The opinions are becoming annoying. This is our space while also being out in the public realm. The first part of that is Daddy's way of staying close to you as well as keeping sane. The second part is to put something out there to help other Dads understand they are not alone. So, for those with their opinions, either keep them to yourselves or stop reading.

Much love,


  1. I'm sorry. :-( I know I've left a lot of comments but I hope I didn't offend you or made you feel like I was hijacking your post or anything. I think you should keep on writing. I have found with my own blog that despite the number of people that I seem to piss off (and they're always going to be the noisier bunch) I get more positive feedback than negative. There are lots of people that like what you have to say and want to keep reading. By trying to please everyone you normally end up pleasing no one so I'd keep doing what you're doing and be as open as you want to be.

  2. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that.