Monday, December 19, 2011



Daddy learned a new word today...baroreflex. It is a word that your Dad could have gone his entire life not knowing. It is not a bad word in any way, simply it is just another in the long list of possible indicators to whether or not your were predetermined to die of SIDS. In this article there is a brief overview as to why baroreflex is important and as to why it may have been a contributing factor in your death. There are many more detailed articles with lots of charts and superscripts and subscripts better left to medical doctors, so I chose this one to explain in easier language for the rest of us who speak non-doctor English. Anyway, it is quite possibly another piece to the puzzle which is one more piece than Daddy had yesterday.

Daddy just wanted to let you know that he is not giving up in trying to find answers. He gave up trying to finds reasons a little while back because there is nothing reasonable about your death, so instead it is the search for more clues, more puzzle pieces, and ultimately a concrete answer to the mystery that is SIDS. Daddy may not have his medical degree or understand all of the terminology in this and all other studies, but he is reading, searching, and trying his best to make sense of it all. As always, you deserve Daddy's best efforts and that is what he is trying to do.

I love you!

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