Friday, December 16, 2011

Enough Already, SIDS is not Murder


Just when you think you have found every last accusatory article regarding SIDS actually being parents killing their own children, this comes along. This person has to be the most shameful and idiotic one to date. I can not even fathom what goes through the mind of someone like this. Does he (and people like him) even know what he is saying? or is he just so mean spirited that he needs to make himself feel superior by putting other down? No wonder SIDS parents spend so much of their lives being angry and frustrated...this guy makes Daddy want to punch him right in the mouth and break his fingers so he can no longer speak or write such inflammatory nonsense ever again. I do not care that he gave himself the out of "playing devil's advocate." Why is a cancer death accepted? or heart disease? or a car accident? or even suicide? Why is SIDS so questionable as to call us murderers? God forbid this man (and those who think like him) ever have a child die of SIDS and be left to think about how he is now one of the "baby killers" too. God forbid that he has to spend the rest of his life trying to put the pieces back together, and God forbid he has to spend every waking moment desperately wanting his son back.

Usually I say sorry for the rant, but not this time. Daddy needed to rant and let this person and everyone else understand (yet again) that we are just like the parents of any other child who died for any other reason. We loved and still do love our children very much, enough to die in place of them.

I love you!


  1. I always said that I would never wish the pain of losing a child on anyone. But the last month or so, after some of the things I've read or had said to me, I just can't be that nice about it anymore. Sometimes I do wish that people could know this pain. I'm not actively wishing for someone's child to die. But I bet people would be a lot more understanding and compassionate.

  2. Nika, I know how you feel. I feel awful for thinking that myself sometimes but I'm having trouble being nice as well. What a tool that moron was. I wish I had the naivete again to be that smug and self-assured about something that even the medical community knows little to nothing about.