Saturday, January 28, 2012



Daddy is getting tired of chasing ghosts. Ghosts are not real. They can not be seen, felt, heard, or smelled. Quite simply, they do not exist. Daddy is starting to think that SIDS is one of these ghosts. It is not real, can not be seen, felt, heard, or smelled. It simply does not exist. SIDS feels like nothing more than a myth...a ghost story made up to either scare parents or explain those strange things that go bump in the night. This does not mean that Daddy is going to stop chasing this ghost since science often takes a myth and makes it reality. It is just that science moves slowly until that breakthrough and Daddy's mind moves far too quickly to have the patience for chasing sometimes.

Daddy just wanted to let you know that even with the frustration of finding more misinformation than real factual leads, he will always chase that ghost until it becomes real. Tonight, Daddy is just tired and discouraged, but loves you too much to ever quit.

Much love, son!

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