Monday, January 30, 2012

Updating Pictures


Daddy has a dilemma...he is trying to decide which pictures of you and your sister to use for updates to the ones he carries around on his badge clip every day to work. You see, the one of your sister is getting a bit dated and she looks so much more like a "big girl" now than she did just last year when Daddy used her pre-school class picture. It is a great picture, as is the one of you smiling with your eyes wide open, but the laminate is starting to fray and get a bit ratty. What is the dilemma you ask? Just print out new pictures and laminate those for your updates...right? Well, not so easy.

Picking a new picture of your sister is actually not going to be that difficult. She tends to be a bit of a ham in front of the camera, so Daddy will narrow it down to two or three and decide, or he will just take some new pictures and use one of those. The problem lies in updating your picture. Since there are so very precious few, Daddy was very selective about the one he chose to use last time and is having trouble changing it to something new, but if I update Ava's, I want to do the same for you. I want to show the bright eyed, beautiful little boy you were...the little smile and healthy, chubby baby cheeks. However, most pictures are when you were asleep or have your sister in them as well, and I want the two of you to have equal real estate. It is a tough choice, and not being able to take a single new picture makes it even tougher, but rest assured, Daddy will find one that shows the world how special you were and are, and when the new picture is chosen, Daddy will post it (and the one of Ava too) for the world to see.

I love you!

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