Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daddy is Weird


Do you know what is weird? Give up? Well, other than your Daddy being a bit weird, the randomness of the when and why emotions boil over from manageable to uncontrollable for no apparent reason. Today, Daddy was sitting in his office and feeling relatively sedate and relaxed when out of the blue a deep sadness hit and Daddy started to cry. It did not last long, but from where in the world did that come? It is just like my brain or body, or both needed to let go of something it/they did not even know existed, so without my permission, the tears started to flow. Fortunately, there is a door that Daddy can close on just such an occasion, and since Daddy rarely closes the door, co-workers know to just give a few minutes and the door will open, and work will proceed as if nothing happened.

After 10+ months, the people I work with simply understand that Daddy needed a moment or two to collect himself. They are good people who care, but also respect that while the tears may flow at times, their does not always have to be a discussion or the obligatory "Are you OK?" unless Daddy feels like talking. Most of the time, however, Daddy just wants these episodes to pass as unnoticed as possible and get back to "normal" life. Maybe it is just the big exhale from the holidays and your birthday, or maybe just the self preservationist nature of the human body...whatever it was, the tears just needed to get out...and that is OK.

I love and miss you!


  1. It is very weird how these just blindside us out of nowhere. I have been having more of these myself, where my emotions just seem to boil over and out comes the waterworks and then as quickly as it came, poof, its gone!

    Take care Steven.