Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Yesterday was the first snow of the winter and it was beautiful watch and fun to watch Ava enjoy it with all her friends. Daddy left work a tiny bit early in order to try to persuade your Big Sister to leave a little early in order to deliver a meal to some friends who very recently welcomed their 11th child into the world...yes I did say 11th! Well, that plan did not work so well. As soon as all of the kids saw the snow, all bets were off. You Big Sister was among the most excited. She even welcomed Daddy with a snowball to the backside. Fortunately, her pitching arm is not quite Nolan Ryan'esque just yet.

After Daddy's welcome to the playground, Ava ran off to play with all the other four and five year old silly snow monsters. They were so much fun to watch...the tongues out trying to catch snowflakes, the trying to make a snowball from a paltry amount of snow, and the slipping and sliding on the slick snowy grass...it was all fun to see and enjoy. After about 20-25 minutes, the teacher decided that the kids were going to get too cold (actually, Daddy thinks she was too cold) and they all went back inside to finish the day. Ava and Daddy left to go home and deliver the meal, enjoy dinner, time with Mommy as a family, and then tubby, books, stories, and finally sleepy time. All-in-all, it was a really good day to be a kid...and a Dad. Daddy just thought you might like to know about the good times too.

I love you!

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