Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Act of Kindness


I wanted to share a letter that was emailed to Daddy today that restores his faith in people. This person found your blog and read the post regarding Port Discovery back on January 13. After she read it, she felt compelled to do something kind for our family. Below is the letter detailing her act of kindness.
I am the mother of two young girls and Vice President of Marketing for Port Discovery Children’s Museum. I just recently discovered your blog, Colin’s Corner, and read the post from January 13th about your recent visit to Port Discovery with your daughter, Ava.

First, I want to let you know how very sorry I am that you lost your beautiful son and that Ava lost her baby brother. I cannot imagine the pain and grief of losing a child or a sibling, but I think your blog is a touching tribute to Colin and a wonderful way to keep his memory alive. Your words are so heart felt and bring tears to my eyes.

From what I have read, Ava sounds like an extraordinary little girl and actually reminds me very much of my daughter, Ava, who will turn 7 in April. I am happy to hear that she enjoyed her visit to Port Discovery and that you and she were able to spend some quality daddy/daughter time together.

I was so very moved by your post, especially Ava’s quote, that I felt compelled to reach out to you. On the second floor of our museum, we have an infant/toddler exhibit called Tot Trails, which has a clear glass wall that is decorated with decals of butterflies, lady bugs, and birds, that are imprinted with names of families who contributed to our family access program. After reading how much Ava enjoyed the museum and how she knew Colin would enjoy it too, I wanted to offer your family a decal (there is no charge), so that Colin can always have a presence here at the museum. The decal can have just Colin’s name or both Ava and Colin’s names on it. If you are interested in the decal, I am more than happy to facilitate the process, just let me know, and if not, I completely understand.

I hope that you and your family find comfort and peace through your writings, and if you ever want to come back and visit Port Discovery, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Mommy and I gladly took her (and Port Discovery) up on the offer, and you and your sister will forever have your names up on the wall. Daddy is looking forward to seeing the decal and your sister's face when she realizes that you and she are sharing your own special Port Discovery experience.

I love you and miss you!


  1. What an amazing, touching gesture! I'm so glad that they were able to reach out to you and to give Colin and Ava a place of honor. May you have many, many more such random acts of kindness bestowed upon you and your family.

  2. Random acts of genuine kindness is the very glue which holds us together as a people. We will look forward to seeing Colin and Ava's names together on this wall one day. With much love, Lynsae, Richard and Orla x