Friday, February 17, 2012



Mommy and Daddy were watching one of the Harry Potter movies recently, and in it there was the character Dobby. He is an elf whom Harry saved from servitude, and is now ever grateful to Harry and does whatever he can to help him. Anyway, when you were first born, you were so skinny and your little ears looked sort of like elf ears because you just did not have that 'baby chub' yet...thus looking a bit like Dobby. However, you were still the cutest little Dobby your Daddy had ever seen.

Now everyone else can see how cute Daddy and Mommy's little elf was with those tiny features not quite filled out enough for those cute elf ears.

I love you!

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  1. Haha he is so cute! He kind of does look like Dobby! My wife and I watched all the movies after my son died, she never seen them. Our son as born premature so he did not have the fat either so he looked like a small version of an old man with all his wrinkles. Towards the 12th day when he died he started to pick up some fat and his eyes became puffier but he still did not have the baby fat yet. We never got a chance to see him with any fat so we just have to wonder if he would have been a chunky baby or still slender with cheeks. The one of many things you wonder when your baby dies.