Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Higher Level of Stupid


Daddy usually looks up stuff regarding SIDS and passes over most of the "interesting" questions that people have in regards to "catching" or "preventing" SIDS in their own infants, but today their was one statement in particular that made your old Dad scratch his nugget with utter bewilderment. It goes...
My son is in sixth grade and with the SIDS epidemic I am worried he will catch it so I have him wear one of those surgical masks to school. Is there anything else I can do to keep him better protected?
Now, there are many things that can be pointed out to this "challenged" person. First, her son is in sixth grade, which means he is probably 11. That takes care of the whole infant part, kind of takes care of the sudden part in a way too. Second, since he made it all the way to 11 years old, the whole death thing can be ruled out for (hopefully) a very long time to come. Third, this poor delusional soul is worried he will catch SIDS and is making the poor child wear a surgical mask to school. I am sure a whole class of 11 year old children will never make fun of this child or his parent at all. Finally, this poor parent does need an answer to her question...there is something you can do to keep your child better protected...educate yourself, and him. Thinking that an 11 year old boy can "catch" SIDS just raises the bar to a higher level of stupid.

Sorry for the unkind words, but this one just caught Daddy on a day when he is a bit grumpier than normal when reading some of the utter ignorance that is still out there regarding SIDS.

I love you!


  1. Makes me sad to think that people are really that un-educated, especially when they have a child. And these are the ones that still have living children. Now that I think about it, it also make me mad!!

  2. Eek, I really hope she got her acronyms confused & meant to say SARS...

  3. My husband snarkily replied, "Yeah, get him a different parent."

  4. I know so many nice and educated people who have suffered from stillbirth, miscarriages, SIDS, neonatal death, etc. Iyt is hard to accept that these people (myself included) have to go through this while there are parents out there who have no clue which end their head is screwed into.