Friday, February 3, 2012

What's in a Name?


There is a foundation that does very good work for SIDS and other infants death causes that is changing its name from The CJ Foundation for SIDS to The CJ Foundation. Normally this kind of thing would not even make Daddy blink an eye, but with the difficulty it takes to find anything current and relevant in regards to SIDS, Daddy is afraid that this foundation will slowly disappear from Goggle search results. Your Dad is also a little taken aback by some of the reasoning for the name change.
We are making these changes to reflect two realities: The first, use of the term SIDS as a cause of death is sunsetting – continuing to use a term that is losing relevance within the medical community and is possibly confusing to the public we are seeking to serve, is no longer tenable.
As you can see, they think that the term SIDS is losing relevance in the medical community. Maybe it is and maybe it is not, but Daddy can assure you that SIDS is not a term that is losing relevance with our family and the many other families who have a death certificate with "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" stamped across it in nice bold letters. Daddy is not sure why this bothers him so much today, but a lot of things have been bothering Daddy lately, and this just hit the wrong way to think that it has not even been a year and the cause of your death is now being deemed as losing relevance when (sad as it is) the cause of your death is actually one more thing that Daddy gets to hold onto.

I love you and miss you very much!

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