Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving on


One of the things that seems to always rear its ugly head is the notion that coroners and medical examiners put 'SIDS' on the death certificate in order to exonerate the parents of any wrong doing and thus ease their feelings of guilt. Daddy read yet another bone-headed article where someone was quoted as saying that by putting SIDS on the death certificate, parents can "more readily move on with their lives without the burden of guilt" (Daddy can not find the link again but will link if/when he does). To this person, and all others who think this way, please take a moment to think of all the other ways an infant could die. Think of all the random things that can go wrong, many without clear answers or you think anyone in the medical community would put down something other than that cause of death because it helps parents move on with their lives?!? Daddy is sure that is not the case, so why do people think that SIDS parents are treated in this manner? We want to know the cause of death, even if it winds up being accidental suffocation, because we want closure of any sort as well. Unfortunately, the closure we seek is not there because of the diagnosis of SIDS on our children's death certificates, and the opinions of too many ignorant people who think we need to have such a diagnosis to more readily move on with our lives...without that pesky little thing like the burden of guilt.

Much love to you little guy!

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