Sunday, February 12, 2012



There are these wonderful thing in life called acronyms. They can be useful when trying to communicate something quickly (especially when typing), assuming people know the meaning. A few that are very common are UPS (United Parcel Service), CNN (Cable News Network), and AWOL (absent without leave). They all come from people always trying to communicate an idea more quickly. Most of the common ones we use are ones that people forget their actually meaning because they are so ingrained in our language. However, the acronyms associated with SIDS are starting to get a bit out of hand. There is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), SUID (sudden unexpected infant death), SUDI (sudden unexpected death of an infant), ASSB (accidental suffocation or smothering of a baby)...just to name a few. Well, Daddy is getting tired of every new acronym trying to softball the fact that we parents are left with a dead child, so Daddy made up his own...SHIT (spontaneous heavenly infant transformation). Daddy decided to make up his own because so many people have problems dealing with the other "confusing" terms that may be too harsh, too morbid, or too offensive.

SHIT depicts the reality of any and all infant deaths in a way to put everyone at ease. It is spontaneous, and who does not like spontaneity? It is a heavenly experience bringing the "warm fuzzies" to all those grieving parents left to wonder why their baby is dead. The infant transformation takes the ugliness out of death since the infant is simply transformed into a new state of being, thus not susceptible to something so heinous as death. So, as you can see, SHIT gives any and all parents that warm, squishing, satisfied feeling for just a few moments before they realize that SHIT really just stinks.

I love you and miss you every day!

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  1. yup - you said it pretty well! While my son had cancer, his death was very unexpected (complications from a surgery)
    I know he went into a HEAVENLY transformation, but the time after really just stinks!