Monday, March 5, 2012

Yellow Bird


Mommy and Daddy took Ava and her friend, Maggie to Port Discovery this weekend to see the decal with your name and Ava's on the Tot Trails glass wall, and to just let two 4-year old little girls run around and have fun...and that they did! Ava climbs through everything like an expert now, and she helped Maggie when she needed a little extra boost to get up a ladder or the rock wall, or anything else. It was really an adorable site to see her play the part of a big sister. After Thursday and Friday, it was just the type of thing your Daddy needed. Nothing makes the day better than seeing the beautiful smile and unadulterated joy on your sister's face.

Of course, while fun was the main objective for the girls, Mommy and Daddy went to take pictures of your decal. It is a yellow bird that simply says "Ava and Colin Stuart." Daddy wanted to make sure that you and your big sister were always there together, so that is why her name is there with yours. It is still your bird, but Daddy did not think your would mind having your big sister "fly" with you too.

One last thing to share is a thank you from all of us for Miss Michelle. Her reaching out to Daddy and offering such a generous gift was as touching a gesture as Daddy can remember. We will make a trip back to Port Discovery one day soon when Miss Michelle is working so Daddy can thank her in person, and Ava can wear Daddy out all over again.

I love you!

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