Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Someone very close to Daddy referred to your identity theft as evil. This got Daddy thinking about what evil really means. Many religions consider evil as anything that goes against God's will...well, that must make me God. That gives Daddy a thought, start his own religion. Ok, since that is totally impractical for many reasons, Daddy will just concede that he is no God and therefore that overly simplistic definition of evil just does not do.

Evil is more any egregous offense against your fellow man. By that, Daddy means a plotted, purposeful, calculated, and heinous act that makes any decent human being stealing the identity of a dead infant to make a few thousand dollars. Yep, Daddy considers that to be real evil. Heck, even Satan would rate that a 9.9 or 10 on the evil meter, and he is pretty badass in the evil department.

The good thing about evil, however, is that every evil act has a proportionally opposite good act. At the moment, that act has not presented itself, but it will, and when it does, our family will know that this bit of evil in the world has been cleansed and we can move forward in a positive direction again. So, as you can see, Colin, evil sucks but is short lived in comparison to the good that will overcome it, and we can all sit back an feel satisfied that one more evil person has met the Karma Bitch...and she kicks ass!

I love you,

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