Friday, April 27, 2012

Magical Powers


Daddy has been home with Big Sister Ava for two days as she has had an upset belly. Finally, her belly has started to feel better, but she is like velcro on Daddy's aarm, leg, head, back, you get the point. It is still wonderful to know that Daddy has some magical powers that only a four year old can appreciate. It is also wonderful to know that, through everything, your Daddy is still a good one in at least one set of eyes...really, the only eyes that matter. Daddy knows that you and I did not get off to the best of starts...Daddy was in a bad place then, but we were just hitting our stride when your eyes were closed forever, and it sucks to never know if you would appreciate the magical powers Daddy saves for such special occasions. Hopefully you understand that given the chance, Daddy would have worked every bit magic he had to make sure those moments were there for us. Unfortunately, even Daddy has limited powers and can only let you know that he loves you and constantly wishes for a second chance to with you.

I love and miss you very much!


  1. Colin daddy Steven. I read some of your entries. And your son was 8 weeks mine was 6 weeks. It is so painful. My husband Jared and I strongly believe in a resurrection and know that we will have a second chance with our baby in a nearby resurrection and I know you will too. God is a god of love and life was meant to be enjoy. Death was never part of it. Its a hope and we thought we share with you. Your little Colin looks handsome just like our Jayden.

  2. I'm glad to hear Ava is starting to feel better.

    And just to let you in on a secret, most little girls will always trust in those magical powers their daddy has. :-)