Monday, April 2, 2012

Know Your Enemy


Daddy found this excerpt from a web site he found during yet another SIDS search.
The difficulty lies in the fact that we do not know our enemy. If we had something to go on, we should at least be able to formulate a plan to go against it. Experts are still baffled, and no one has been able to explain the cause of SIDS to this very day. With that in mind, can one really prevent SIDS, then?
The site does not provide any new insight (thus, no link), but it did provide food for do you combat an enemy you do not know, and to further expand, do not understand? The easy answer is that you do not even try, but then you are destined to lose, so you have to try to understand so that your enemy is no longer unknown.

It seems, through most of Daddy's research, that the problem when applying this idea to SIDS, there are two approaches...the shotgun one, and the tunnel vision one. Neither of those provide any real understanding since just hoping that anything within the blast radius might be what you wanted to hit or having a target so narrow makes it almost impossible to hit. So, where does this leave us...same place as before...with the same non-answers as before.

Daddy will keep searching, though, and keep trying to understand this enemy. SIDS may have won the first battle in this fight, but wars can last a long time, and Daddy is determined to win.

I love you!

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