Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Daddy is not overly talkative or thinking too much or really anything tonight. It is one of those nights when he simply gets to enjoy some time to himself. Daddy does often choose to share that time with you, and tonight is no different in that respect. What is different is that even after Daddy read a story about a woman being charged with killing her second child after that child died while co-sleeping (her first child died in the same manner), and then some idiot ranting about vaccines and SIDS, he chose to not get angry or melancholy about either read. Rather, your Dad just thought that you can not fix some people and most of humanity will never have compassion or understanding for their fellow human beings because their cross is too much to bear.

Daddy knows his cross is a pretty big one, but thought about something he heard once about going into a room full of crosses with the opportunity to trade his in. The problem with the trade in theory was that every cross in the room was even bigger than Daddy's. So, instead of trading it, your Dad picked it back up and kept going. Those who think their problems are worse than everyone else's and take shot at people they think are whining or simply stupid should maybe think about taking one of those bigger crosses for a while and see how much they miss their old one.

Much love to you always!

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