Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Night


It is Easter Sunday, which does not mean much more than any other Sunday other than dressing up for the family in order to put on an outward veneer to cover the real Daddy. So in many ways, it is just like every day, just with a tie. The main difference is that people notice the tie and forget the real veneer that gets worn every single day. No one ever complimets that one since most have no idea that it is still there, or they are just too hesitant to say or ask anythin any longer. Does it really matter any longer? Yes and no, but mainly no because like the tie, it is just window dressing that does nothing more than make Daddy a charicature of himself. The worst thing, though, is that Daddy no longer wants to look beyond that veneer to see or be the real person underneath because often he does not like what he sees.

Miss you and love you!

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